Edition of 100 pin-back buttons, 2021.
Images and audio guide by Homografiska Museet.

I owe all my happiness to my queerness. Attraction to multiple genders is lovely, hot and real.

The BISEXUAL PARADISE is a world where all the queer desires are cherished and holy. From the BISEXUAL PARADISE all of the compulsory heteronormativity and heterosexuality are banished. The BISEXUAL PARADISE is a land of queer lust, joy and compassion.

The work BISEXUAL PARADISE is an edition of 100 pin-back buttons made to be shared with fellow queer bisexuals during the summer season 2022 at Homografiska Museet.

The pin-back button number 100/100 is preserved as a part of Homografiska Museet’s collection.

Link to the Homografiska Museet’s collection here.
Link to the audio guide made by Homografiska Museet here.